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Digimaker - The .NET Content Management System

Digimaker 6.1 is an ASP.Net 3.5 based content management system (CMS) ideal for creating, managing and maintaining professional websites. The .NET CMS platform comes along with built-in Microsoft Office Integration, Active Directory integration, Email Campaign Engine, Complete Web Site Analytics, Built-in Industry Starter kits and an SDK for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Welcome to Digimaker - The .NET CMS

Welcome to The .NET Content Management System

Since its inception in 1997, Digimaker content management system is widely regarded as being the ultimate platform for powerful web solutions by partners worldwide. The .NET CMS provides exceptional capacity, functionality, scalability and flexibility with your web solution.


Robert Kristiansen When asked what differentiates Digimaker from other European software companies, CEO Robert Kristiansen answers that Digimaker is a Norwegian owned company that believes in the strenghts of utilizing two different cultures as co...

Case Study

logo_mercedes Daimler Chrysler is one of the largest producers of automobiles in the world. For their brand Mercedes-Benz, the Middle-East is the second largest market for passenger and commercial vehicles.