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Link library
The Digimaker link library is a user friendly way of administering links in Digimaker. The module includes functionality for automatic link control, administration and easy reuse of links. This makes it user friendly to use links in Digimaker.

This module helps you maintain control over which links in your system that can be reached or not. A quick overview in the link library will give you an immediate status of your links, whether they are OK, Unknown or Error. When inserting links in Digimaker you simply insert a link in the link pop-up window and the link will be stored and controlled in the link library. If you want to change the link you do this in the library and the changes are effective throughout where the link is used. The advanced search functionality also gives you the opportunity to search links based on various search parameters.


With this module you can

  • Control link status
  • Store and reuse links
  • Access control for search and administration of links

Quick facts

  • Library for administration of links
  • Link control gives status of all links
  • Efficient reuse of links