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Banner Library
The banner library module is a user-friendly module for managing banners in Digimaker. The module includes functions such as flash banners, image banners and html banners. Banners can refer to articles or menus and be displayed on web pages where desired.

The module contains functions for checking the number of displays and clicks on the banners. The option to display a banner between two given times is also included with the use of display dates and expiration dates.


The Banner Library will give you the following functionality

  • Administer flash banners, image banners, and html banners
  • Relate banners to articles or menus
  • Specify display dates for banners
  • Check number of displays and clicks on banners
  • Function for searching for banners in the library
  • Preview and edit functions
  • Click link functions
  • Access control for search and administration of banners

On portals, you can choose to show one or more banners in random order, or show all related banners. Display of banners can also be done based on banner size, date and/or number of displays.

The user interface for adding or changing banners in the banner library is shown below. The qualities of a banner are divided into three components: banner settings, displays and previews.


Quick facts

  • Library for administration of banners
  • Keep track of the number of displays of a banner
  • Keep track of number of clicks on a banner
  • Limit displays by specifying display dates
  • Add links to a banner to forward by clicking
  • Supports banners in Macromedia Flash, HTML and gif or jpg formats. Digimaker image module performs conversions to different formats