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Authoring & Office Integration


With Digimaker Content Management, you can choose between authoring your content in Office or use Digimaker Article Management. Digimaker authoring framework is definitely one of most sophisticated and easy to use environments for content contributors.  With Digimaker Office Integration as the latest addition to the suite we further improve Digimaker's ability to convert existing documents and files to online content, available through any browser. The Digimaker Office Integration acts as a bridge between Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Digimaker Content Management.

Write your content in Office

Manage documents and articles in Digimaker Content Management using the familiar Microsoft Office tools - Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. This includes functionality like adding, editing and updating documents from Word, Excel and PowerPoint and adding editing and updating articles from Word and Outlook.


The add-on option for the Digimaker CMS version 5.1 developed for Microsoft Office 2003 lets content owners edit content in Microsoft Word, and provides full access to other Microsoft Office files stored in the document library inside Digimaker.

To provide a familiar environment for content owners, Digimaker has developed a plug-in module for Microsoft 2003, which provides full access to web articles from Microsoft Word, and access to the Digimaker Document library from other Microsoft Office applications.

With the Office integration module you can

  1. Write content in Microsoft office Word, Excel or PowerPoint & save them in Digimaker Library, directly
  2. Open files from Digimaker or open Digimaker files from Microsoft Office Environment
  3. Work in familiar tools and write documents in Word and save to Digimaker

Digimaker can also leverage an existing document base, creating web articles from existing Word documents. This enables you to quickly populate a new web site with relevant content.


To facilitate structuring of an article written in Word for Digimaker CMS, the editing screen inside Word is split in three separate panes. Each of these panes corresponds to the article header, abstract and full text fields in the resulting web article.

Articles already in Digimaker can be opened in Word, and edited using the regular Word tools. After editing, the articles can be saved directly into the Digimaker CMS, providing version tracking and cross publishing as in the regular Digimaker CMS interface.

The Digimaker Office plug-in also lets users work with documents stored in the Digimaker CMS document library. All Microsoft Office applications are able to open corresponding documents from the document library directly in the application itself, similar to how a user normally opens a file from a disk drive.

The overall effect of integrating document and web content work processes is improving knowledge sharing in your organization, which enables you to be more competitive and respond quicker to market challenges.

All files saved in Digimaker also benefits from Digimaker Versioning standard functions.

Write your content in Digimaker Article Management module

Digimaker WYSIWYG text editor – contents are treated in form of articles, images, documents, links, banners and news items in Digimaker, and the WYSIWYG text editor of Digimaker is the most user-friendly GUI available for you to develop content in the most structured manner. Using the text editor, users are able to write new articles in required formats, add related items to the articles, place it in required locations and publish or save them as a draft. Abstract and full story of the article is also provided with content formatting facility, both in design mode and direct HTML. .


The Article Management module gives you

  1. WYSIWYG text editing
  2. Table creation and editing
  3. Advanced image insert functions
  4. Advance text and layout formatting with font size, style and color picker
  5. Allows creating links and bookmarks to other articles, images, banners or documents
  6. Availability of Preview at anytime you desire
  7. You can link a form, link, document, image and even a person with an article