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Product Philosophy

Create - Target - Track
According to Gartner group, 50% of web sales are lost due to the fact that your customers do not find accurate, updated, and relevant product information on your corporate website. They go elsewhere or use a different channel!

Welcome to Digimaker - The .NET CMS

We, at Digimaker, have created a CMS platform which allows you and your organisation to  create online content in more innovative way, making navigation easier for your clients, at the least marginal cost possible to offer. Since our inception, we have also used the best-of-breed usability specialists - to ensure that you and your team will be able to locate and update relevant content to your website within minutes and not hours/ days.
The Digimaker CMS is designed in a way that you can easily reuse, share, and distribute content. Content can easily be protected and/ or targeted to your customers, partners or employees within Triple-net (Internet, intranet, and extranet) solutions.


Complying with global standards, namely the W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) and the open internet standards for accessibility, web communication and classification, Digimaker is also famous for its versatile approach, with the best-of-breed Microsoft .NET implementation (Edenbrook, Technical Review 2004) done so far.

Seamless collaboration

We in Digimaker, will strive and continue to ensure that your business can take the full advantage of seamless connectivity, content, communication and business processes.
”Where the traditional book is linear by nature and is navigated using indexes and tables-of-content, the Internet allows for an object-oriented approach to content management.
How one addresses content objects (paragraphs, sentences or words) is fundamental to personalising your message for targeted communication.
Digimaker CMS is designed with this object-orientation towards content and user groups. For monitoring purposes, we have designed and embedded statistics tools throughout the platform for measuring how target groups interact with the content.”  

Content Creation, Classification and Presentation

Managing your business online is all about collecting, structuring and communicating the right message in the most effective manner!
Creating practical web solutions requires you to closely consider and review your company’s content processes keeping people, organisation goals and technology together. This also means you need to separate content creation activities from your site structure and presentation layout – making it lot easier for authors, editors and site administrators to work in the same environment and to operate more closely and seamlessly at the same time, over a browser.

Welcome to Digimaker - The .NET CMS

Digimaker Content Management Lifecycle

Apart from providing the flexibility of mapping organisation role hierarchy and making different elements work together, Digimaker presents a set of core functionalities, typically meant for growing businesses to move more content towards the web - faster, better and cheaper. Consider the following toolsets built within the Digimaker Content Management lifecycle.

Flexible User Management

Putting a well-established access mechanism defined by the flexible identity and Role Management System, make sure your company’s role hierarchy is managed seamlessly across your web interface, allowing you to devolve content maintenance to content owners – creating ownership and dynamism and building accuracy of information.

Create with Confidence

With advance Tagging, Indexing and Full Search Functions, Digimaker makes sure delivers the best content, much faster than ever before and in the most consistent and predictable web-rendering model made available with Digimaker SiteBuilder Templating controls.
Not only does it deliver content faster, it also provides webmasters the power to manoeuvre from development to staging, to live production environment using the best possible deployment path and takes benefit of localization – supporting multinational web environment for your users spread across the world. Isn’t that truly global in nature?

Ubiquitous Content

A set of intelligent authoring and transformation tools are supplied to enable business users to input content and have it standardised to HTML or XML. The Library Services support companies to even structure and centralise content and other objects in Digimaker – making sure each and every element is kept up-to-date online and is version controlled!
Advanced Content Management Systems include features for exploring seamlessly, authoring templates, maintaining the integrity of web pages and links, reviewing periodically, archiving, metadata, version control, rule-setting, indexing, auditing, authorised access, creating administration alerts, and flexible re-purposing for multiple platforms and formats.
(Source: Knowledge Management Tools and Technologies by Dr. Madanmohan Rao
Publication: Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann - 2005)
Gathering variety of content, from several sources and external systems are made easy with the eForms, Aggregation, Competitive Intelligence and Web Services

Just-In-Time Content

As more and more businesses sort to take benefit of the universal internet platform, a very high degree of demand are presented in form of managing dynamic Information structures and creating relationships between large chunks of contents, as the foundation for successful deployment of content management systems. To create such information structures and unveil such "Value from Your Information", Digimaker is fitted in to take advantage of metadata and the menu items, meant to classify complex structures and build relationship within your content - presenting the user with simple tree-like interfaces and   changeable Just In Time (JIT) content.

Instantly made Available

Noticeably, we have provided the authors and gatekeepers all that they need to gather and structure their information sharing platform, simultaneously presenting the developers with an set of ready-to-go standard templates, built using Digimaker SiteBuilder Templating Controls, a mechanism for defining key page generation attributes with high level of indexing and searching and for creating personalised content views for Privileged Users – speeding delivery of pages through using high Caching & Clustering mechanism -- making sure your information is disseminated as easily as it was created.