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Digimaker - The .NET CMS

From Mercedes Benz to Gartner Quadrant Leader FASTSearch and to large Enterprises like National Oilwell, Digimaker CMS platform helps from simple corporate website to large complex enterprise web solutions to create, manage and maintain their websites along with complete web communication.

The .NET Content Management System

Digimaker CMS is an easy to use software for anyone involved in managing their business online. The software is designed with an enterprise’s needs for information management in mind and covers the requirements of Sales Managers, Communications Managers, Human Resource Managers, Editors & Web Masters and System Developers.

Main benefits:

An affordable platform for SME's
The Digimaker platform differentiates from other Content Management platforms first of all by offering affordable content management without reducing quality or number of functions included as standard functionality. Digimaker CMS is made with small and medium sized businesses in mind, providing them with a wider approach to web content management than systems traditionally designed for this market.
A complete tool for managing your business online
Increase your web readiness by introducing Digimaker CMS in your organisation. Digimaker CMS is a platform for managing your business online. Invite your clients, business partners and employees into your web platform to enable automation of some of the routine tasks and add more value in how they experience interacting with you.
Manage multiple websites
Empower your employees and make them content providers by introducing Digimaker CMS. Digimaker CMS allows you to deploy and administrate as many web sites and large structures as you want in an easy to use interface, in one solution. Manage both your Internet, Intranet and Extranet in one solution and target your content and resources across all structures on the basis of user access rights.
Get closer to your customers
Enhance your web site experience by introducing Digimaker CMS. Digimaker CMS allows your visitors to interact with you via online forms and subscriptions, to easily create dynamic content, target your content based on roles and access rights, and analyse click patterns and user habits.

Digimaker for:

Sales manager
Make it easier for your clients and business partners interacting with you by introducing multiple channels for communications. Invite clients and business partners to a corporate extranet making it easier for them to get hold of information and material at any time they like. Present your products and services online and update the information without any more hassle than writing a Word document.
Communications Manager
Ensure a communications platform that can support a uniform communications strategy reaching the key stakeholders of your business. Digimaker CMS can meet your custom demands on design and there are no limitations in terms of design of user interface on a web page.
Human Resource Manager
Give your employees access to a corporate Intranet so that they have instant access to company documentation, routines and benefits. You may store and share documentation in the library and set up employee self service applications without technical help.


Content Editor & Webmaster
Manage all your web pages in one tool and reuse content across all your sites. Give your content authors an easy to use content tool that integrates with an environment they know: The world of Microsoft Office.
System Developer
Set up and build the web page yourself and add as many as you want in one installation. Use the ASP .NET server controls and starter kits that follow the Software Development Kit.