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Digimaker - The .NET CMS

From Mercedes Benz to Gartner Quadrant Leader FASTSearch and to large Enterprises like National Oilwell, Digimaker CMS platform helps from simple corporate website to large complex enterprise web solutions to create, manage and maintain their websites along with complete web communication.


Digimaker CMS is a very intuitive content management system and web development platform, which includes all standard functionalities which you would expect from a market leading Content Management platform. Here are some of the key features, tightly integrated within Digimaker platform:
Content Management:
Version Control
Time Based Publishing
Rollback Option
Advanced Search in Content
Simple Workflow
Cross Publish
Picture Library:
Image Editing Capabilities
Auto-generate thumbnail and pictures of Predefined sizes
Version Control
Document Management:
Version Control on Documents
Check-In Check-Out Capabilities
Rollback Version
Advanced Search in Documents
Link Management
Banner Management
Flash Banner Support
Banner Statistics
Banner Visitor Tracking
Organizational Structure
User Management
Advanced Role Management
Single User in Multiple Roles
Support for private, public and protected Calendars
Event Management


Application Builder (e-forms)
Database Stored and Email base e-Forms
Dynamic View
Export/Import of Data
Multipage e-Forms
e-Form Designer
Other features
Web Site Statistics/Analytics
Email Campaign Engine
Aggregation/Syndication (NewsAgent)
Site Structure Management
Unicode Support
Advanced WSYIWYG Editor
Embedded ASP.NET Server Controls
n-Tier Architecture
Web based .NET Platform
Supports SQL Server 2000 and above
Entirely Written in C#
Able to Consume/Expose Web Services
Support for Caching
Mail Server
Multiple Site Management thru' single interface