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Since its inception in 1997, Digimaker is one of the leading players in the web content management space.

Moving strongly with highly qualified professionals employed in Kristiansand - Norway (Corporate office) and development and research center in Bangalore - India. Digimaker is well known in the Nordic regions and is now expanding fast into new international markets with an exciting partnership model.


Digimaker is certified as a Microsoft Partner, approved by VeriTest, and has won awards such as the European Seal of Excellence and Rosing 2002.

Digimaker is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

We, at Digimaker, deliver the highest quality in products and services. Our outstanding quality is acknowledged by Microsoft with the Partner certification. Microsoft certifies partners using the very same stringent qualification criteria on a world-wide basis.

The certified partner status provides us early insight into Microsoft development and strategies and helps improve our products even further.

European Seal of Excellence

"Our Seal Winners are very successful companies who understand the importance of producing for a market. This attention to marketing is what we intend to highlight by distinguishing them with a Seal of Excellence" 
- Philippe Wacker, Secretary General of the European Multimedia Associations’ Convention

Approved by VeriTest

Microsoft Platform Test for SQL Server and Windows 2003 Server Windows and Certified for SQL Server logos


The jury is excited that Digimaker 4.0 is very clean and tidy.

The structure is easy to comprehend and Digimaker 4.0 succeeds in exposing complex interfaces in an easily understandable way.

The visualization of the internal traffic analyzer and the "Click Stream Analyzer” is great. It is also possible to perform a particular action in multiple ways, with as few clicks as possible - ensuring flexibility for users when using Digimaker 4.0.

The system is role-managed and has a mechanism for approval of content.

During the development of version 4.0, Digimaker has invited users and observed them using the application. They have also made use of workshops with users and experts for developing designs and prototypes