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Our Esteemed Customers

Customer Speaks

“Digimaker came in as an outsider while we had other heavy players in negotiations and they won the assignment outstandingly. The 4.0 version gave us entirely other possibilities than what we had. That was the main reasoning behind our choice, combined with the price.”

“It is surprising how accessible they are, says Cecilie and laughs. I don’t know how many other customers they have, but they provide such good service that you think you are the only one.”

”Digimaker is so user friendly that you very quickly get familiar with the product and we see it as a useful tool to solve day to day challenges in our communication. When in addition the solution is delivered in a fraction of the time and to a fraction of the price we are used to with other IT systems, it just had  to be a success.”

- Unfortunately, our first choice of supplier could not meet our requirements, so after some time, we had to look for other alternatives. The solution we chose at that time was Digimaker.