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Creating Smart Templates and managing your Web Project using SiteBuilder SDK, is even more powerful in Digimaker 6.1

Digimaker is seamlessly integrated with the 3.5 framework. Portal Developers can use the power of .NET 3.5 and make solutions using the power of Master page, Web parts, Profile, Personalization and the host of goodies that the new framework provides.

Digimaker 6.1 supports MS SQL Server 2008 

Digimaker support MS SQL Server 2008 to enhance the following areas of the data store: 

  • Manageability 
  • Availability 
  • Scalability 
  • Security
Support for ASP.NET 3.5 Login controls
Digimaker 6.1 is based on the framework 3.5 and adheres to the standards which brings in automatic support for ASP.NET 3.5 login controls. The following Controls are currently supported:
  •  Login
  •  LoginName
  •  LoginStatus
  •  LoginView
  •  ChangePassword

On installing Digimaker, the SiteBuilder controls show up in the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) toolbox.
The following controls are enriched with design time support:  
  • ArticleDisplay
  • MenuItemDisplay
  • FormDisplay
  • RelationDisplay
  • Login
  • LoginView
  • LoginStatus
  • SiteWebPath
  • Search

Digimaker 6.1 implements the Provider Model Architecture in the following modules:

Membership   - DigimakerMembershipProvider
Roles               - DigimakerRoleProvder
Permission     - DigimakerPermissionProvider
Profile               - DigimakerProfileProvider
Web parts personalization -DigimakerPersonalizationProvider


Providers are a class with a well-known interface that is implemented to meet the
needs of the sub-system. For example, a ProfileProvider is a class that derives
from the abstract ProfileProvider class.  This class provides abstract methods and properties that make up the interface for a ProfileProvider.


Design Time support for the most frequently used SiteBuilder controls
The various areas of design time support provided by SiteBuilder controls in Visual Studio .NET:
  • Design time view of the controls
  • Various TypeEditors and TypeConverters to easily configure properties of the controls
  • Property Browser support in Design view
  • Toolbox support
  • Property Browser  support  in HTML view
  • IntelliSense in the HTML editor



In addition to the SiteBuilder Login controls, Portal Developers can freely use these controls on their websites and configure the membership provider of their choice including DigimakerMembership provider and ActiveDirectoryMembership provider.

•         Use of .NET 3.5’s Master Page Model     

•         Digimaker 6.1 is refactored and is now compatible with ASP.NET 3.5 master page model.

•         .NET 3.5 master pages provide developers with design time support and also the ability to change master page during runtime.  

•         The existing Digimaker master page control support continues to exist for backward compatibility. 

•         Design Time support for the most frequently used SiteBuilder controls

Developer gets the WYSIWYG effect with the controls at design time, making it very easy to design the templates. You can easily drag and drop the control on the design surface and it’s ready to be used.
Taking SiteBuilder controls to the next level, Digimaker version 6.1 now provides rich design-time support for server controls in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment. Developers can drag server controls from the Visual Studio .NET toolbox onto a page, access their properties through the Properties window, and take advantage of Microsoft IntelliSense statement completion.