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Download the new .Net CMS
Digimaker welcomes system developers to download and trial our software. To receive a free trial version for evaluation purposes please register as a user at and log in.
What you get from this download
This download will give you a trial version of the latest version of Digimaker CMS and its accompanying developer tool, SiteBuilder Software Development Kit.
The .NET CMS download will give you
  • License key - 30 days
  • Installation program
    • Digimaker CMS
    • SiteBuilder SDK
    • Server manager - Creating and managing websites
    • 2 Starter kits - Example websites
    • Documentation - System Requirements and Visual Studio intellisense

You can find more information on the SDK in the Modules section.

Terms of use

Upon downloading this document you accept our Terms of use.

If you have technical queries in regards to this trial please contact us at