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Two ways to try our software:

Choosing the right demo:
We know you have different needs and preferred methods of evaluation, so we have put together two different ways for you to check out our software:
The Guided Tour
If you are a business owner, or perhaps a manager in charge of evaluating several potential Content Management System- Choose the Guided Tour as a starting point. Our webinars will guide you through the software, and answer you most asked questions.
Our webinars are held as per your convenience. All we need from you is your name, your company's name, and your email address. Well do the rest, we'll even take on the role as your part-time secretary, and remind you of our webinar half an hour before we start, if you want us to! Try it now!

The Online Demo
Looking for a CMS that can replace the old and patched-up system you're working with?
Digimaker 6.0 is well known for it's usability and intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface).If you are an editor or contributor to your business' website -try the online demo.
This demo is a live site. We moderate the content, and reset the server every dew days, so don't worry about screwing anything up. Try it now!