Build editorial system, in additional to frontend

For good user experience, editorial system should be also part of solution, as long as it's easy to build.

You can use our $ client components$  to build easy-to-use editorial system, together with our $ visual edit tool$  for page editing.

Use the components together with React frameworks like MUI, React Bootstrap or Ant Design.
For club - content editing and membership management.

Client components

Typical components includes:
  • List content
  • View content
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Browse
  • Set priority(with drag&drop ordering)
  • Tree
  • File upload
  • Create/edit/delete role
  • Assign user to role

Visual editing

Our visual editing tool is integrated with content management features. In addition, you will be able to use widgets like
  • content grid(including list)
  • carousel
  • gallery
  • more are coming

Multi role system?

You can design a multi-role system using the components together with the backend service. It means different user role may have different menus / actions / contents. Permission can be configured in $ backend service$ , and administration(or higher editors) can assign role to user using our client components.

Used in existing solution

Another advantage of component way is you can put editorial features as components in your existing solution, which gives great flexibility. And it's completely different from iframe way, which is mostly not good user experience and is hard to maintain.